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Skywalker OG Kush

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Skywalker Kush by Cali Buds is the love child of Skywalker and OG Kush, producing marijuana that resembles the taste of OG Kush, but the yield has increased a lot. Skywalker Kush rewards the grower with an extraordinary weed and harvest.

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Skywalker Kush by Cali Buds is the strain everybody talks about when it comes to a good yielding OG Kush variety. This very sought after strain has a taste that resembles the OG Kush, but the yield is much bigger; with its short flowering period, multiple harvests are possible. You can pinch or top her and she’ll always reward you with an exceptional marijuana with a high THC level.

Skywalker Kush by Reserva Privada’s blooming time is 9 weeks and the plant produces large, tight and resinous buds, that are totally covered with sparkling white crystals and have a great complex flavor; a legacy from Skywalker. An average yield of 500-600g/m² can be expected. The high THC level and amount of resin make Skywalker Kush ideal for hash production.

Brand Cali Buds
Parents Skywalker x Og Kush
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
THC High
Yield (Indoor) 500-600g/m2
Available as Feminized buds

28 grams (1Oz), 112 grams (4Oz), 224 grams(8Oz)(½Lb), 448 grams(16Oz)(1Lb)

3 reviews for Skywalker OG Kush

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